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Evening Walks

I had a great time walking in the wooded trails with one of my best friends a week or two ago and got the chance to try out my new phone camera. It’s supposed to be fancy-schmancy so I was looking forward to walking and hunting tarantulas with Karey.

Sadly we did not see any tarantulas. We did see lots of burrows but as it was looking like rain, no one was coming out. We did see several jumping spiders, bunnies, some bees, massive ants, and a handsome lizard. I also found out that my camera takes amazing pictures, even when zoomed in!

I did learn a lot about tarantulas, even though we didn’t get to see any. For instance, did you know that the majority of tarantulas you see just hanging around are Texas Tans? I didn’t! I knew that the one people keep as pets is the Rosy-Legged but Karey says that the wild population is suffering because most of them are captured in the wild for the pet trade, and that she predicts that the Texas Tan will be the new hotness. Sometimes I think I’d like a spider, as would my husband, but the cats would probably turn the tank over to get at the crawly friend. They already terrorized my elderly betta Parsley in his final months.

Honestly I think my favorite part of the walk was chatting with Karey about this and that, enjoying the evening and telling her basically the entire plot of my next project. She is as enthusiastic as me about it and I can’t wait to give her a copy. I’d really like to try going for more walks with her in the evening, since it’s getting so hot around here. It’s nice to just take it slowly and enjoy nature once in a while. Plus, tarantulas!