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Drowned History
Their love was supposed to last forever, but Alice Graesser’s disappearance more than ten years earlier drove a cold wedge between her and her lover, George Bennett. In the fall of 1940, the search for an ancient Indian artifact with the power to change their lives brings them back together. Can Alice and George find what they lost, or will the power that draws them toward the ancient treasure tear them apart for good?


Only a Rogue Knows
Victor Pembroke came to the small town of Greenley from London with a reputation as a man who knew women as expertly as he knew the law, and it only took one glimpse of Lady Cordelia Whittemore to know he wanted to possess her. When Lord Whittemore employs him to find a way to nullify his father’s will, it pulls him closer to Cordelia and her husband’s secret. She’s like no woman he’s ever known, and before he can build a wall between them she captures his heart. He no sooner discovers the truth behind Lord Whittemore’s desire to divorce his wife than tragedy strikes, putting Cordelia’s future – and her freedom – in jeopardy.


The Search For Sam
Book 4 in the Enduring Legacy series!
Tilly Dalais and her grandmother run a small shop dealing in herbs and plants. They share the special gift of Empathy, passed down through the ages from their ancestors, the Dalais siblings, and use the knowledge to help their neighbors. Jacob Pierce is a detective tasked with finding a number of children who have gone missing in Roanoke, Virginia. They agree to work together to find the latest missing boy, Sam Beauvoir, and find themselves getting closer as the investigation goes on. In the wake of tragedy a new power awakens in Tilly and she has to embrace it if they are going to reach Sam in time.

Box Sets

Out of Print

Covers of the two different versions of The Detective’s Brother, no longer available from either publisher (as they no longer exist). I do have extra copies if you’d like one! Email me for details – they’re only $5!


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