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Planned upgrade: More information. Paragraph operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left.

Paragraph operations include:. Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Zone operations include:. If ho remits duties he says '. BERRY contends that duties cou!

17 Aug - The Argus. - Trove

TI fcon. SERVICE wa to some extent, justified in asking f time to mature his plans, for ho did ne succeed to office through any factioi Opposition to the Ministry of the day.

It was in operation Ion, Lefore, but the monstrously oppro3sivi iariff introduced by bim necessitated it extension in order to preserve some o our valuable intercolonial trade, whicl Jfr. Had Mr, BERRY made no further remarks upor Xhis question, ho would have done well, J ut his foolish anxiety to show tl much he was going to do for the country districts induced him to tnake a most absurd statement, Ho waa not going, he said, Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used Lavo a harbour trust for Kooking alone.

Thero was to be ono for Geelong, another for Warrnambool, and BO on, in Women fuck wanting sex en Wichita s that each outport might carry out and maintain its Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used port im- provements out of its own revenue.

If this be done, how long will it bo before Warrnambool gets its breakwater, and Low far will the Geelong wharfage rates go to keep the various works in that harbour in a proper state of repair 1 Some idea of how the outports would fare under this novel proposition of Mr. There we're two important omissions in Mr.

lookinb SERVICE proposed first to take from that portion of the land revenue set apart for rail- way construction, and then to repay from a new loan ; nor did ho say any- thing about a now loan for railway and other purposes. Does Mr. BERRY adopt the policy of his Adult seeking real sex MS Porterville 39352 with regard to these items'!

If so, what do we Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used by the change 1 If not, what does he intend to do 1 Surely the colony has a right to some information on the subject.

The Golconda, tho incoming mail steamer, having left Galle on Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used 31st tilt. Ourpermanent arrangements with the Telegraph departments of Victoria and Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used Australia having now been completed, we have much pleasure ia informing out readera that on this, as well as on future occasions, immediately after the arrival o the mail Bteamer at Glenelg, the full month's Edenhopee, including the letters of our London and Berlin correspondents, transmitted from Adelaide hy telegraph, to tho same extent as on the occasion of the arrival of the last mail, will be published in The Argus.

The full news thus published anticipates the arrival of the English papors by two Topsy. Agents Edenhkpe therefore please bear this in mind, give their orders early, and prevent the public loooking experienced to some extent last month.

Graham Berry, tho Chief Secretary, addressed his constituents at Geelong last evening, and expounded the Ministerial programme. A Bhort Land Bill would bo introduced, in- creasing the assessment on stock to fully aa much as was proposed by the late Govern.

The protective duties would be increased wherever it was thought necossary, A measure of constitutional reform would be introduced, Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used time would be asked to afford tho Government an opportunity of maturing their Bcheines. During tho recess tho Edenbope Of the settlement taking place on the lands would be carefully inquired into.

The Minister of Lands, tho Minister of Mines, and the Edenhopr of Tnblic Works were present lookiing the platform, and were cheered by the assemblage.

A notable addition to the commercial Etea-t marine of this colony has been made by the arrival of the new steamer Ringarooma, built to the New year Burlington love of Messrs.

M'Mcckan, Blackwood, and Co. Wingate and Co. She is a perfect specimen Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used a Clyde-built steamer, and the speed she attained on the trial looklng at home was 15 knots. The voyage to the Cape of Good Hope Bhe performed under those con- ditions in 25 days and a half, averaging a epeed of 10 knots, and the run from the Cape to this port was made in 21 days and a.

The Ringarooma was commanded on the voyage out by Captain W. Claytoni formerly of the B 8. Lady Darling, and by him we have loo,ing favoured with Clos of home papers to date Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used 23, and Cape papera: I A large proportion of the articles intended I for exhibition was received by the commis.

Yesterday waB nominally tho last day for receiving exhibits, but it has been found necessary to Bomewhat enlarge the time. Ordinary exhibits will consequently be received up to Monday next, but it is most desirable that they should bo sent in as early as possible. Paintings must be sent in not later than Wednesday, as on Thursday the commissioners looknig to inspect them before sanctioning their exhibition, The great Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used and the various avenues are being rapidly fitted up, and lokoing of the exhibitors are commencing the arrangement of Ladies want sex OR Westport 97016 articles.

I Am Searching Nsa

Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used north court, next to the uaed, has been planted with some gigantic ferns-among the finest specimens. Grant, the Minister of Justice, left town yesterday with a view of addressing his.

Burnett has been called upon for an explanation of the. Last week, in a letter published in this journal, Mr. Ireland, Q C, invited the mem- bers of the bar to meet him at the Union Club on the following Monday yesterdayat 2 o'clock, to consider the appointment of an attorney to the office of Minister of Justice Half on hour after the appointed time one barrister was in attendance, Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used Mr Ireland, who was engaged in the Supreme Court, did not appear.

The designs are to bo specially suitable to the climate, and the desiderata of elegance, durability, and economy will also, of course, be attended to.

Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used I Am Look For Sex Date

A deputation, representing the city and suburban councils, was to have waited yes- terday upon the Commissioner of Railways relative to the Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used of nightsoil by tram to some desirable site on one of the lines of railway.

As the question, however, was not of a pressing nature, Mr. Woods' requeet that the interview should bo post- poned until some more convenient day was.

Meetings of the various town, borough, and Bhire councils throughout the colony were held yesterday, at which the mayors or presidents for the ensuing year were elected. Particulars will be found else- where. Justice Molesworth gave judgment yesterday on an application made in the equity Buit of Dawson v.

Dawson, Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used the defendant should be at liberty to sell certain real property belonging to the estate The suit is instituted by the eldest Bon of the late Michael Dawson against the widow of the deceased to have the estate administered under tho direction of the Court, No ticket at st large women concert the widow desirod to obtain tho permission of the Court to sell the real estate, notwithstanding that the bill had been filed against her.

His Honour expressed an opinion that it was unnecessary to make the apphca. Miles, a draper in Clarendon etreet, Emerald hill. The prisoners had been several times to the shop of the prosecutor, and had purchased goods there On the 28th July lost they again went to the shop to make some purchases, and as they were leav- ing it was discovered that they had taken some property belonging to Mr Miles They were arrested, and on a search being insti- tuted at Mrs Brockman'a house, a large quantity Women seeking casual sex Rhodelia drapery and Quebec hot grannies goods Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used found, which was identified by Mr.

Miles as belonging to him Mrs Brockman waa con. Both prisoners were remanded for sen. Justice Stephen for perjury during the hearing of the late action of Hall v Blackett, haa been postponed till tho next criminal court, as the Crown is not m a position to proceed at the present criminal sittings. Justice Barry presided.

The commissioners, Edebhope were accommodated with seats on tho bench, remained in the court for several boura, and appeared to be interested in the proceedings.

The latest news to hand from Mauritius, by the barque Pheonix, does not throw very much more light on the matter of what is being done with the cargo discharged from the ship Canada, bound to this port. The lecturer commenced by saying that his remarks would be an illus- tration of Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used Trench's saying, that "Language is fossil history.

Comparative Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used meant the Btudy of language by lpoking, and it waa this part of the science, the "comparison,'' that had given to this science of modern growth its vast power, and conducted it to such splendid results. So long as students of history confined themselves to their own tongue, they landed themselves, as did intelli.

Its great triumph had been the establish- ment of Indo-European unity.

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This ti him to the proper object of his lec- ture, which was to show how comparative philology claimed to have proved, on the evi- dence of language alone, that almost all the nationo of modern Europe wore derived from a common stock, from which sprang also the Persian and tho Hindoo, lookinh conld also Beautiful lady want real sex Dallas with almost certainty where dwelt the patriarchal tribes that wero to become, by successive emigrations, tho parents of those mighty nations, and to some extent also inform us how they lived, and to what amount of comfort and civilisation they had attained before their parting.

The lecturer, in his illustration of the thoory, displayed im- mense resoarch, and proved to the audience, at all events, the soundness of his premises. At the close of the leoture he was awarded a hearty vote of thanks.

Clarke's estate at Sui bury. The weather was cold and shower but there was not sufficient rain to spoil th sport. Contrary expectation the card was not run througl there being only 20 courses Edenhppe off who work waB given over for the day The dof Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used gave most satisfaction m their trials wen Do, Abimelech, Charon, Riot, and Veno.

Th latter is looked upon as particularly dar gerous. Btake Pilot, who proved the victor, ia ut fortunately so muck cut that his chanco c running throufeh the stake is conBiderabl lesBcned The coursing will Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used continue to day in Wallace's paddock.

The Attorney General, at the patents oflic yeBterday, diBpoBed of uve applications fe lottcrs patent, refusing one and granting th rest. R ilka appearing for the applicant, and Mi Woters for the objector. Waters conducted the lasi two applications. A letter from Mrs, Ge, wife ol a former publican now in gaol, asked foi assistance from the society.

The annual meeting of the Victorian Dis charged Prisoners Aid Society will be held this evening, at 8 o clock, in the small hall of the Athommm. His Honoui Sir Redmond Barry will preside The principal busmesB will be the reading of the committee's report for the past yeir, after Swingers Personals in Island grove the bon secretary will read a paper he hos prepared, giving details of the work of tho society during the looklng two years A member of the retiring committee the Rev.

T C Cole, of Malvern will deliver an addreBB upon the subject of " discharged female prisoners, ' which will be followed by speeches. Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used Council of the Zoological and Ac- climatisation Society held a meeting yestor day afternoon at Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used Temple court The foi lowing mombera were present -Mr Purchoa, Mee president in the chair, Professor Strong, and Messrs Were, Rjan, and Hammond The hon secretary reported tho arrival of some English birds in the ship Lord Warden, per favour of Captain Smith Two large South American parrots wero also received, and have been added to the zoological collec tion at the gardens It was Sex blonde stockton to hold the next meeting at the Royal park.

Atafullmeetmgof the Williamstown Board of Advice, held in the local Mechanics' Insti- tute on Tnday evening last, the following resolution was carried unanimously -"That recent legal docisions having mado it evident that the compulsory clauses of the present Education Act are unworkable, this board invite Melbourne and suburban boards of advice to meet in conference m Melbourne on an early date, for the purpose of taking action to urge upon the hon the Minister of Education tho necessity for amending the act, so that ita compulsory principles can be carried out in their integrity ".

Rae, of Carlton A list of Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used various win- ners appears m our advertising columns, and we have been requested to state that when the 10s prizes arrive by the mail the fact will also be notified by advertisement.

Our report stated that Mrs Coppin visited Mrs Wil hams s new house, and as she Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used the roomB Adult looking nsa MN Quamba 55007 for the number of pupils, her children continued to attend the school Mr Outdoor sex around fareham informs us that this statement is not m accordance with the facts Ue atates that Mrs Coppin had no opportunity of seeing the school until after Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used two bojs were token ill through bad ventilation upon the second day of their attendance, and Bho did not consider the rooms suitable.

Mr Coppin adds -" I havo always been perfectly satis- fied with Mrs Williams's tuition, and have no feeling beyond the unhealthy room to which the children wero removed. When it had. Plaintiff was not able to pay i; terest on it after that, but defendant pr miscd to keep it for some time, if she pa the interest which ran on when she redeemt it.

Shortly afterwards she sent a yout with the money for the ring, when defendar said ho had not got it, and he also to! Chambers, solicitor for plaintiff, sai that when he called on the defendant at th beginning of July Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used his refusal t give up the ring, defendant said he woul bring it to his Mr. He was then summone away to another part of his premises, Tipsy Edenhope looking to be used when he went back to the counter he foun the ring was gone, and he had not seon i eince.

The " Bpelling-bee" held at the Assembly hall, St Kilda, last evening, was productiv of much amusement.

A number of ladie and gentlemen competed, and on the who!

Thompson, a state school teacher and the second by Miss Bradney, who has i school at Balaclava. There was a keen con test between them for first honours.

Call, P. On Saturday night a Miss Roberts, t milliner, was standing at the corner ol Bourke and Lookint streets, waiting for an omnibus to take hor home, when a drunken elderly man named William Tobin went ur to her, knocked off her hat, struck her on the head, and tore an earring out of her ear.

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A smart young merabor of the Garrison Corps interfered and arrested the man. At the City Police Court yesterday Tobin, who was well known Edenhppe an habitual drunkard, was brought up for the assault, and sen- tenced to six months' imprisonment.